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Due to exams, I will not be able to post as much as I am ought too. You can tell by the way my Short Story section is “dry”, it has been hectic. So I will make this post brief and share with you the books I have managed to read from the beginning of the year to this day.

1.Dreams of my Father: Barack Obama

This book was my second biography (after Anne Frank), I loved how he explained and talked about his confusion and conflict towards his identity. Was he black or was he white? He also talks about his squabble with religion. If he believed there was a God and if he was also for him. He is very candid and it helps you see and understand that he is as human as all of us. His first heartbreak, losing his father and later getting to know and understand his qualms through his sister. Highly recommended.

2.The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Malcolm X

This book I have found to be both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. Malcolm X was brought up from a broken home and his life spiralled out of control as he grew up. One may find it hard to believe this man left school at 8th grade (which I am guessing is Form One in African countries) due to his jargon and skill. He has deemed a demagogue and accuses of polarising the community. What I admire about this incredible man were his courage and confidence. Malcolm X would talk you out of believing your own name is yours. He was a great orator and exceptional debater. His courage was exhibited after his pilgrimage when he came back and told over 2 million black people that what he had been teaching them was wrong and he now had the correct information. If that is not courage, I do not know what is. Highly recommended.

3.The Bluest Eyes: Toni Morrison

I managed to finish this book in less than 4 days, not only because it is not as thick as most of her books but it spoke to me in a way. I literally cried, laughed and at one point threw the book across the room. It makes you “feel” and “see” what is written. This was my first experience reading a Toni Morrison book. It spoke to the little girl in me, the girl with a million questions as to why she is not good enough, pretty enough. The ending broke my heart, felt like hugging the girl in the book but at the same time she mirrored the wounded girl in me. Read at your own risk.

4.Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Robert T Kiyosaki

Aaaah, money, saving and assets-a language I never used to understand. I bought this book after a friend of mine had talked about this book since high school. I did not think it was for me but more of a “man thing”.AS IF!! Financial literacy is for everyone. Only after reading this book did I realise I have a poor man’s mentality-work to spend and not work to save. I love the fact that the jargon is pretty much basic and simple. He takes you to step by step on how to save, what to save for and invest in. I am midway through this book but so far, I know more than I did before. In other words, it is a How to Save for dummies book. Supercalifragilisticexpalidously recommended.

5.The Little Book of Feminist Saints: Julia Pierpont

I read this book out of confusing really. I was at crossroads as to whether I am a feminist or a womanist or what. I wanted to know and understand what I personally think and believe is true from my own perspective. Needless to say, I am still at crossroads. There are things I relate to and some I completely disagree with. As a Christian too I had to really ponder on it (P.S I am for submitting to my husband because I know submission does not control. Submission is how Jesus submitted to God. God did not make Jesus submit out of fear..there was love and they are One. They are a team. And at the same time, I am for being independent, having your own and not wait for approval from someone to do something.)I am still wrapping my head around it because submission has been redesigned and redefined its as good as a cuss word. I still revisit this book here and there because there are people I admire: Maya Angelou, Anne Frank, Wangaari Matha, Nina Simone, Ada Lovelace and so forth. Give it a try.

I will just give a list of the books I am going to be reading this year. I have dedicated this year to autobiographies. They interest me so much because you get to personify the character, walk with them through their journey and relate in a way.

.1.Martin Luther King

2.Harriet Tubman

3.Nelson Mandela

4.Mahatma Gandhi

5.Benizar Bhutto

6.Maya Angelou

7.Angela Davis

8.Princess Diana of Wales

9.James Baldwin

10.Frederick Douglas

Please feel free to share some of the books you have read.

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