Holding on.

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Hello there!

This is a very short post (and reminder) that no matter what you are going through, God is with you. It might be and will be hard to believe at times but believe He is. I am going through a rough patch at the moment, trying to understand where my life is going and if my current situation is God’s will or my own doing. I have been asking God if He truly has a plan for me or I should think of another way to make my life more bearable.

It gets hard sometimes but I am choosing to hold on to His word and His promises. It says: Those who hope in Him will renew their strength; they will sour on wings as eagles; they will run and not be weary; they will walk and not be faint.– Isa. 40:31.

I get discouraged most times, I always feel like I am behind and misunderstood. I have moments when I do not see where or if God is taking me anyway but, for a change, I am going to trust and rely on Him. It is not always easy, I struggle immensely because at times I have this crippling mentality that maybe He is for other people and I am to be on the sidelines and watch. MAJOR INSECURITY! However, I am praying for Him to renew my mind and for me to believe His word. I try as much as I can to remember that the devil is there to kill, steal and destroy. I am also learning not to overestimate him or underestimate him but to know, trust and believe that God is on my side and has incredible plans for me.

Also in my love life, I am learning to remain steadfast and not feel unworthy or not enough when I am overlooked or rejected, but always believe that God has better plans for me. I might like someone and want to be with them, but if they are not God’s plan for me, I will not force or take matters into my own hands. I will cry and feel sorry for myself, of course, but I will always remember that God’s best is waaaay better than mine. So I wait and keep praying and hoping. It is not easy, trust me. I have been praying for a specific thing for the last 5 years now and there has not been any visible or tangible result. It has been frustrating and wearying. I feel like a failure and at times I feel very small. It sucks but I also remember my mantra for 2019- remain expectant even if…

So dear friend, we might be in different situations altogether but know you are not alone in the good fight of faith. It is hard but not impossible. Keep your head up, pray even when it doesn’t make sense, consult God, drink your water, mind your business and renew your mind.

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  1. As I was reading, I thought of the saying “if you’re going through hell, keep going”. So, my encouragement to you is to keep holding on and keep trusting, no going backwards. Hope things get better for you soon and sending hugs your way.

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