How to.. mind your own business.

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Day 12 and today’s challenge is uncensored, so I thought I could share with you something I have been practising.

Minding one’s business has been encouraged since the beginning of time. It is something most of us say by mouth but never get to practise. 1 Thessalonians 4 v 11-12 reads:

“Lead a quiet life, mind your own business, work with your hands”

We are told to live a quiet life which reassures a peace of mind. Minding our business (focusing on your purpose, building your relationship with Christ) helps us not to be deterred from what we have been called to do. Not minding our business leads to comparison which is the number one thief of joy. You will not take time to look at what God is doing in your life and more of what others have. We all are on different journeys and God blesses us due to His time.

We are also encouraged to work with our hands, I am sure most have already started. I have seen a lot of people, cooking, baking and sharing recipes. I am sure most will think it funny because we are used to working constantly and see these things as trivial, but with the season we are in, I think this will help.

Minding our business also including taking time to get to know ourselves. Journal, talk to God/yourself and see what you enjoy doing. Do not indulge in gossip or anything that will have you not grow in faith.

I hope this helps you as it has been helping me.

Until tomorrow!

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