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Day 17 and I get to write about one of my favourite people. Today’s challenge is about the best advice one has ever received. Unlike yesterday, this was a no brainer, because this woman helped me tell my stories the way I wanted and saw fit without fear or remorse. I am confident most people are familiar with her work and her courage.

Toni Morrison is one of the people at the helm of my love of literature. unbeknown to her, of course, she gave me the courage to write my stories without fearing the white gaze. The statement above is the best advice I have ever received as a creative. She was one of the few people I wanted to meet, sadly she passed away last year but I am forever grateful for the dent she left on the world.

Toni Morrison

My first experience with Toni Morrison was The Bluest Eyes, if you have not read it yet, please do yourself a favour and get it. I read that book in 4 days ( could have been less but, work) and I went through so many emotions, at one point I literally threw the book across the room. It evokes so much and made me realise, to an extent, I was Pecola. This book is so raw that at some point it was banned in book stores.

If I am being honest, her writing is for those who are attentive and smart. At first, I thought I was not mature enough for her work but she said something that made me realise I was limiting myself. in an interview when asked if she could also write about white people, she boldly and unapologetically stated that she wrote for black people and she did not have to apologise because it is for them to know that they are seen and represented.

Her wise words have encouraged me to write stories using my own language. To be brave enough to just put it out there. I hope her words help someone else as much as they helped me!


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