Lockdown Routine

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Day 18! Today’s challenge is about the lockdown experience. How my day is like during this pandemic. Unfortunately/, fortunately, my days are not the same because I still need to go to work. I will take you through my day at work first then my off days.


I am not going to lie, I am only going to work because I am broke. IT IS SCARY OUT THERE! Almost 1/4 of the residents where I work have passed away and it is sad. It is unclear if it is because of the COVID-19 or underlying issues, but it is not looking good. So, I either work 12 hours or 6 hours/day- long day or half. My day on a long day goes like this:

06:00- Listen to worship music and do my Bible study. The Bible app has this amazing daily plan. If you are someone who never/rarely gets Good morning texts, it provides that too.

06:30-07:05- I get ready for work. I am not a breakfast person so I have it quite late.

08:00-20:00- I work and have an hour break, which I can break into 15 in the morning, 30 for lunch and the last 15 later in the day. I meet new people (but keeping the distance), I update my blog (like now but on my breaks, obviously), I have my meals at work.

20:00 – 20:30- I get home, wash my hands before touching anything, have a shower and watch/read or chat before I go to bed at 22:30. I have set my phone on “DOWNTIME” so, at exactly 22:30, all my apps shut down until the next morning.

So yeah, that is how my workday looks like. Quite busy and not enough time for myself and loved one, but I make it work.


My off days are a different story. I am not as “organised” as on my workdays. The night before my day off, I usually sleep late. That is if I am not suffering from insomnia. I wake up at 5 am, not by choice and I write my lockdown challenge post. I go back to sleep and wake up around 10-11. I clean the house (do not shame me, I will be tired) and by clean I mean disinfect the whole joint. I have a shower after that, at times it dawns on me that I have not eaten (my eating pattern is terrible). On other days, I eat at 5 am and munch throughout the day, it varies, to be honest.

I then spend most of the day on Twitter, thanks to the challenge but I think I am spending too much time there. I have not read religiously for 4 weeks. I am not sure if it is from the shock of what has been happening, but I feel a bit lost.

I find comfort in books, reading helps me escape and I miss that. After yesterday’s post, I decided to go back to my roots. Toni Morrison’s Origin of Others has been gawking at me for the past few months, waiting for me to indulge. I know my mind has to be focused because Toni Morrison’s work is not for the weak. If you do not give it all your attention, you get lost so easily and so quickly.

I have a quick chat with my mom, she works nights so she sleeps throughout the day. At times we go for days without seeing each other because we work on opposite days. I also call, Houseparty, Facetime and Zoom my friends and family. Sometimes when I am bored, I go over to IG (I deleted the app but I go through FB at times) and watch Tony Baker’s voice overs. I love those videos so much because of the way he is creative with them amazes me. I go over to YouTube and watch KevOnStage’s Righteous and Ratchet, Dear KevOnStage (a must watch by the way) and listen to podcast especially Jesus and Jollof. I also cook, do laundry and maybe go out for essential shopping and I repeat the cycle.

So yea, that is my life for now. Not eventful but grateful to be healthy, alive, have a roof over my head and a hot meal each day. Praise be to God!


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