4 Social Media Accounts I Am Down With..

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Today is day 9 and the topic is on 4 accounts I follow and why.

1. KevOnStage: FACEBOOK

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KevOnStage is a Christian comedian, podcaster and YouTuber who I have been following for a while. I enjoy how he talks about real issues that take place in Christian sector, he talks about toxic masculinity, relationships (on a podcast with his wife) and also has a segment called #DearKevOnStage and I kid you not, whenever I am in a bad mood, I visit his pages and I am uplifted by encouraging words or laughter.

2. Poets In Autumn: YOUTUBE

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My first experience with the PIA was when I watched Janette..IKZ’s I will wait poem. It changed my life on how not knowing or understanding your worth can have you settle and keep getting hurt. I fell more in love when I watched the video of her vows which became a sequel to her poem. I also loved the Perry’s, how they found love and thrived to live in a Godly was regardless of their past (I listen to their podcast, 30 minutes with the Perry’s). I like Ezekiel and his spoken word on how men hurt and also hurt women, how sometimes love is not enough and there are things you need to consider before getting into a relationship (I watch his videos about his family on YouTube: The Azonwus).

Joe.. oh Joseph, where do I even start?! I saw him 2 years ago when I went to PIA London. I had an amazing time it has now become a tradition, I go EVERY year. I was supposed to go this year but it has been postponed due to COVID. I like Chris’ transparency and style. They push me towards Christ and show me how much I need to know the WORD of God.

3. Tony Baker: INSTAGRAM

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I am not a huge fan of Instagram, but when I log in, best believe I will spend about 2 hours on this man’s page. I did not know I was a fan of animal voice-overs until I came across his page. He is hilarious, or I am just weird and have an obscure sense of humour.

4. Afrobloggers: TWITTER

Pic cred: Afroblogger

Need I say more? I have met a lot of people through this account. There are a lot of amazing African bloggers and I can not wait to mean more and interact.

Until tomorrow!

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