5 Shona Proverbs..

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Today is day 11 and the topic is about 5 proverbs in my native language and what they mean. I am Zimbabwean and of the Shona culture, proverbs are usually used to warn or guide friends and family. I will share some of the proverbs I have heard and have witnessed too.

1. Rina manyanga hariputirwe : That which has horns can not be concealed.

This proverb is a deeper way of saying, the truth always comes out. I am a strong believer in this, it might take years, decades or till kingdom come, but the truth always has a way of coming out.

2. Nzou hairemerwe nenyanga dzayo : An elephant is never burdened by its tusks.

Most Zimbabwean mothers uses this proverb when they are referring to their children. They says this when they talk about how they have sacrificed and will never “complain” because their children are their tusk.

3. Ndambakuudzwa akaonekwa nembonje pahuma : He who will not be told was found with a bruise on his forehead.

My dialect is quite hard to translate but this is the best I could do. It means someone who does not listen to wise counsel will find himself with a bruise.

4. Mwana asingachacheme anofira mumbereko : A child who does not cry will die in the cradle).

If one does not voice their opinion or complaint, they will never be heard or helped.

5. Aiva madziva ave mazambuko : What were pools have become fords.

In life this change, nothing remains the same.


9 thoughts on “5 Shona Proverbs..”

  1. Mwana asingachacheme anofira mumbereko
    This one had me.
    I’ll keep speaking and voicing. It’s hard sometime but oh well, this porverb makes alot of sense.
    Thanks for sharing Rudo.

    1. True, we should always speak our mind, even when we are amiss. It is better than saying nothing at all.

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