The Liebester Award

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I am so grateful to have been nominated for this award by HeyAnci. I think this is my first time ever as a blogger being nominated for an award. Please be sure to follow her blog here, she is very wise, consistent and supportive.

Rules from HeyAnci

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

*Answer the 11 questions given to you.

*Nominate 11 bloggers.

*Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.

*Questions and Answers.

1. What is your favourite book and why?

Hhmm, there are quite a lot of books that have tickled my fancy, but at this very moment, it will be The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives. The reason why it is my current favourite is because it shows how you can never truly know a person and never to judge a book by its cover. Also, how amazing was the diction and imagery by Lola Shoneyin.

2. What song do I currently have on repeat?

I have actually have 3 songs by one artist but I would say my favourite is AmaDM by Samthing Soweto. His music is just so calming. Just makes me want to drive in the sunshine, sun room down, hands up in the air and just vibe going nowhere. The other 2 are Lotto and Bawo (when I am worshipping).

3. Which season (Autumn, Summer, Winter or Spring) best describes you?

I think spring, I am an introvert (amongst new people) but I easily warm up to people and I am quite temperate. I wish I was summery though, I love being around people who are ever smiling and excited.

4. In the event of an emergency home evacuation, what is the first thing I grab?

Well, considering I am always alone at home, I will probably grab my phone so I can call a taxi, ambulance or reach whoever I need to. I will also grab shoes, a jacket (because British weather), chapstick and my earphones.

5. Which historical figure would you like to meet and why?

I always wanted to meet Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, but at this very moment, I would love to have a one on one with Maya Angelou. I want to soak in her wisdom and hear her tell me how she used to be a pimp at 18 and what she believed true love to be after being in love numerous times.

6. What makes a good blog?

Being authentic.

7. Back to the past or forward to the future.

The future, definitely. It’s funny because yesterday I woke up with a Bible verse on my mind: When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen – Is 60 v 22. I am super excited about the future.

8. Your dream vacation.

I would love to visit all 54 African countries but I would start with Senegal, Lac Rose. Who doesn’t want to go to a pink beach?

9. Wealth or Health?

Can I choose both? If not, I guess health. Lol, definitely health.

10. Your proudest moment?

When Novuyo Tshuma (author of House of Stone) said my writing was great. Not good, but GREAT!

11. Favourite movie.

The thing is, I always have a favourite movie each year but one which has topped for 2 years running is Crazy Rich Asian. I am the kind of person who rinses movies, I even bought the trilogy after watching the movie.

I nominate Nicole, Gamuchirai, Benjamin, Nabbale, Mablees, Hope Chilinda, Tanaka Daka, GG, Racheal Kay, Connie Dia and Nashe.

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