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Today is day 19 and we are sharing our favourite songs and why we love them. They are actually more than 5, hope I can get away with it.

1. Samthing Soweto

I know I am only suppose to list a song, but this guy has a couple of songs that have me groove. AmaDMs, Bawo, Lotto and Isphithiphithi are the songs I play almost everyday. I love how his voice is soothing and the beat just makes you want to move.. something.

2. Ndofefeterwa by Sanii Makhalima

This is definitely going to be my wedding song. I believe it is the most romantic urban grooves song to ever come out of Zimbabwe. I am going to have an urban grooves concert at my wedding reception. This song makes me miss my husband, even though I have never met him. It came out ages ago but till this day, its my number 1 song.

3. Declaration (This is it)

This is my go to song when I slip and forget who God calls me to be. It reminds me that sometimes I am my worst enemy, I block my own blessings, talk myself down and neglect myself. It is a song that is a declaration and a prayer.

4. Kokota.

I love this song so much! I play it everyday and I think at this point I will just admit amapiano is one of my favourite genres. I also like Indaba ka bani, Ntaba ezikude and Sonini. I love feel good music, driving on a sunny day in a cool breeze. That for me is therapy.

5. Takura

He is one of my favourite Zimbabwean artist. I love how he songs in Shona and English without trying too hard. I love Kutaura Newe; Noise; Can’t get over you and Mungandidii. Be sure to check him out.

Until tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Groove!”

    1. Hey Rudo, did I tell you I can sing Ndofefeterwa word for word and play it on the acostic too, ? Ooh I forgot to mention it ! 😊

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