Diary Of A Tired Zimbabwean Youth.

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Hello, I know it has been a minute since I last posted. I am grateful for those who had not lost faith in me. It has been a trying time for me, more emotionally and mentally than physically. With the pandemic raging through every continent, social injustice and disasters at every corner of the world. I did not want to face it, but the end times are upon us.

As many of you know, I am a Zimbabwean who lives in the UK. If I am being honest, my moving here was not by choice but circumstance. I moved due to the incompetence of the government and how it failed us from the beginning. Having to share this and actually type it is not easy. For something like this might or will be used against me. A new law was passed a few days ago. Whereas saying/posting anything negative against the country is a criminal offence. So bare with me as I rant and virtually fight for my life.

Zimbabwe is a place I call and will always call home. It is the blueprint of my existence and if you have read my short stories, all of them are tied to Zimbabwe. In itself, Zimbabwe is a beautiful and majestic place with hardworking and humble people. We are a nation that thrives for the best and has hope for a better future but the government has robbed us.

As this post is more of a rant, I will talk about how the government has robbed me. I am a person who is bright and who was good at school like most Zimbabweans. The government robbed me of opportunities to have a better future within my country. The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is over 99.9%, whether you have a masters degree or only finished Form 2. I am not implying that people who do not have a degree are lesser than, but it makes one wonder if going to school is that important. Spending more than 13 years of your life going to school only to realise you might never find a job. It is disheartening having to work so hard only to find out it was all for nothing.

It is appalling that getting out of the country seems like an achievement. Being an immigrant comes with its own plights. My siblings and I are all in 3 different continents and I do not know when I will see them again. I got to see my mother again 6 years ago after 13 years apart. I am not the only one who is facing this reality. There was a thread of people who were sharing how they have been separated from their families for over 20 years. I wrote about the realities of an immigrant here, feel free to understand some of the things we face as foreigners.

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Our generation is perceived as lazy and uninspired. Which is frustrating because with everything that is happening, how and where can one get a job? We might never get the chance to own title deeds or have a trust fund for our children. It is terrifying to give birth now because there isn’t enough staff in hospitals. A few weeks ago there was an article about 7 out of 8 babies dying at birth. It is scary for young women and couples to bring innocent lives into this mess. How will you take care of them with no income?

Dreams will die as dreams. There is so much potential amongst the Zimbabwean youth. Writers, directors, actors, photographers and so much more. We want an opportunity to follow our passion without being discouraged because it does not provide enough. We want to dream big and loud, to make something of and for our country. Youths are tired of being limited because government officials are looting funds which are supposed to be financing these projects. Then those who are gaining from this have the gall to say we are not working hard enough and have the same 24 hours. Which is true but do we have the same opportunities? It is vile to say that because that is coming from a place of privilege. Others are saying we are better than Sudan, excuse me but these are not the poverty Olympics. IT IS NOT TO BE LIKE THAT ANYWHERE! In Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Iran, people are not supposed to die from poverty like that.

Someone said something interesting to me the other day. He said there is enough money for everyone I’m the world, but there are people who are greedy and can not bare seeing others be at the same level or better than them. We are known as one of the most literate nations, but the rate is plummeting because children can not go to school due to lack of funds. It is a messed up situation. At times I ask God if it is because we are the last name on the world map.

I have seen people say they are tired of seeing the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter or #ZanuPFMustGo, well imagine how tired we are. Tired of a government that arrested a 22-year-old girl over a WhatsApp message saying the government failed to address the issue at hand. I am also a tired youth who wants better for her country and I will remain hopeful.

9 thoughts on “Diary Of A Tired Zimbabwean Youth.”

  1. I feel your rant, not so different from Uganda, in fact, I gave up on looking for a job, I have to academic programs have put on hold because am soul searching if it’s worth it.

    I failed to find joy in doing business because I am always thinking I wasted time in school.

    Zimbabwe has become a North Korea I think

    I wonder where our generation is headed

    1. Thank you so much for reading. It is very sad that our generation might never experience a good life with basic commodities. We will keep on fighting.

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