Quotes, Verses and Mantras.

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I believe every individual has a quote or mantra they live by. I have quotes, verses and mantras that have helped me navigate life.


One of my favourite verses is Proverbs 3 v 5. It helps me remember and understand that I can not control my life. That my thoughts are not always correct and God has all understanding. He knows what is best for me, so why not trust and rest in Him. As a person who has episodes of anxiety, I repeat this verse to myself regularly. It is always comforting to know that whatever plan I have for myself, regardless of how grand I might think it is. God will ALWAYS top it.

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I have had a few quotes from people who inspire me that have helped in my journey, especially when it comes to writing. The one quote that made me believe in my writing and write I wanted was by Toni Morrison:

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This is what helped me write my short stories the way I want and see fit. To not whitewash my characters or water down my authenticity for numbers. She encouraged me to write using my native language, to understand that I should write and the world will catch one.

Another quote that has stirred my love for reading is by James Baldwin. He has several quotes that have left me rethinking my life, but my all-time favourite is:

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James Baldwin knew how to describe the deepest or most surface emotions in a profound way.


A mantra is an affirmation that helps you get by.

It can be something you whisper to yourself throughout the day. There are different mantras and others might not call them mantras but words of affirmation.

We all have hard days when we need a pick up, feel free to share some of your favourites too.


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