Dear John: To The One That Got Away.

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Today is day one of the Dear John series by BecominguBu, letters to previous, current and future suitors. Day 1 is a letter to the one who got away.

Dear John..

I am not sure if you count as the one who got away, but right at this moment, it feels like it. We barely talk, you have encouraged me to keep going and have offered to help with my dreams. It wasn’t something big but it is something about I have prayed for in a partner and also the way you carry yourself got my attention. We used to go to school together a decade back and now we are in the same country.

Younger me would have thought it was fate, but logical me knows how our government has driven us out to look for greener pastures elsewhere. However, you are with someone. I wish I had experienced you, known what makes you laugh or what makes you excited.

It could have been a mere crush, but it made me realise I deserve someone supportive, someone proud of me and not intimidated. You might have “gotten away” but you helped me expect and improve my standards of what to look for in a future spouse. Thank you.



Until next time.

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