Dear John: To The Men That I Zoned.

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Dear John…

I never consciously or intentionally zoned you. If there is one important thing you need to know about me, I ALWAYS think everyone who approaches me is trying to be a friend. I am always up to chat with my fellow brothers in Christ because I am of the notion men and women can just be friends without being romantic. I never read too much into situations and I am blind to mixed signals. If you like me or want to pursue a relationship, SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST AND BE INTENTIONAL.

I will give you a bit of advice to help you in life. Please understand that women are all not the same. We are not “one size fits all”, what worked for another girl will not work on me. Also know that just because you like us, we do not have to like you back. It’s nothing to do with you but we just do not see you that way, and that should go without explanation. Do not feel entitled to a woman’s affection and attention just because you are doing it to get something when she does not feel the same.

Be specific when you want something. Do not blame us for putting you “on hold”, please, know your worth and go where you are appreciated. If you do not want a relationship but just want someone to push time with, please say so. Some women are into that, but not me, I am not made for the streets.

And if you need a bit of a pickup, please read this blog I wrote a few months ago about how your feeling matter, but it is YOUR job to work on that here.

Your sister in Christ,


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