Road to Healing

Today is day 16 of the Winter Afroblogger Challenge and the topic is on healing. This is a topic that a lot have experienced and are still experiencing. I wrote a piece a while ago here on healing and hoping for better. Happy reading. Until tomorrow!

Taboos and Culture.

(Image from Pinterest) Today is day 15 and our topic is about one cultural aspect from my home country or community. Zimbabwe is a landlocked African country situated on the south of Africa. It has a population of roughly 14 million people, has 16 languages and about 7 religions. Although Christianity being the main religion …

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5 Shona Proverbs..

(Pic cred: Me, via Canva) Today is day 11 and the topic is about 5 proverbs in my native language and what they mean. I am Zimbabwean and of the Shona culture, proverbs are usually used to warn or guide friends and family. I will share some of the proverbs I have heard and have …

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