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Rudo Manyere

Hello there! My name is Rudo Diana Mazvita Manyere. Welcome to my page! For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed making up stories. In High School, I used to write stories in a notebook and my friends would read them. Writing was something I enjoyed but did not take seriously until 2015 when I started my blog. I wrote one poem then I forgot it for 3 years. I resumed in 2018 and have been “semi-consistent”, writing short stories, about life experiences, poetry and inspirational articles.

I am a Zimbabwean writer and aspiring screenwriter with a dream to bring Zimbabwean creativity to the big screen.  I believe starting this blog was God’s way of telling to start with what I have. 

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Friends break hearts too.

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPin0shares Happy New Year to you! I know I am probably a week late but I guess better late than never. As this is

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Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPin0sharesFLASH FICTION. ” Jokers to the left of the crosstown traffic, and jokers to the right..”, these were the words he madman who

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Holding on.

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPin0shares Hello there! This is a very short post (and reminder) that no matter what you are going through, God is with you.

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3:15 am.

Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPin0shares(Image from Pinterest: Rukudzo.) I have been waking up at 3:15 am every day for the last five days, and each time my

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Sharing is caring!ShareTweetPin0shares(Image from Pinterest: Vongai and Tunga.) Vongai glanced at her wrist watch and sighed,as she waited for Nurse Margaret to release her. It

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