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For 3 months now, Nyarai had been standing in front of mirrors every morning. She would turn around from side to side and imagine if there was another way of covering her protruding stomach. She had been trying it since Thursday last week but it was now painful and uncomfortable. She did that now in front of the wardrobe mirror as she took her zambia.

Taku was sitting in the dining when she came out, he was Mai Mfundisi’s 15-year-old son.He had his father’s big, bright eyes and bushy eyebrows.

“Sisi Nyarai I am hungry, make me something to eat. Mama said you should be done the cooking by 7 o clock as there is a prayer meeting tonight. Don’t forget to polish my shoes and pack my bag, tomorrow I am being made a prefect. I want to be presentable.”, he said as he dropped his bag on the marble dining table and went to his room.                                 “Ehoi,mukoma Taku”. She walked into the kitchen, where the dishes from lunch were waiting for her and a note with the menu for the dinner. She made Taku a PB and J sandwich and called him to tell him it was ready. She began to take out the pots and the ingredients for the dinner.

“Nyarai,!, Taku shouted from his room”ko why are you not bringing the sandwich to me? You know how I hate pausing my games. Nxaa, the what would you know about online games. No wonder Mama says you are useless.” He stomped into the kitchen, took the sandwich and slammed his kitchen door as he went out.

Nyarai pretended not to hear him and continued to peel the potatoes by the sink. When she turned around to get the fresh cream from the fridge, she saw Mfundisi standing next to the fridge looking at her.

Maswera sei Mfundisi”, she said as she curtsied in front of him.

“Hhhhmmm Nyarai, there is no need for you to be doing all that. Come give daddy a hug. Heeee, come and I have missed you shaa”, Mfundisi said as he walked toward her.

“No”, she said as she pushed him back, “Mukoma Taku is here, I don’t want him to catch us like he almost did the last time”.She went back to the sink and continued to peel the potatoes. Mfundisi walked towards her and put his hands around her waist, Nyarai dropped the potato she was peeling and the knife in the sink and rested in his embrace.

“I need you to stop calling that boy mukoma, he is 6 years younger than you for goodness sake. Doesn’t he know you are carrying his little brother or sister”, Mfundisi said as he rubbed Nyarai’s belly? She was 6 months along but someone who did not know he could not tell that she was pregnant. She placed her hands on top of Mfundisi’ and smiled.

Asi nhai daddy, when are we going to tell people about us. I can not keep tying my stomach and soon that slow wife of yours will catch on. Mxxm, people need to know I am the real first lady of the church. That Mai Mfundisi title is mine and you need to start doing something because our child is due in less than 3 months”, Nyarai said as she freed herself from Mfundisi’s arms and walked towards the fridge for the fresh cream again.

“Honey, I know how you feel and I agree. Hhhhmm, but you know with me being the pastor it takes time and I need to be careful of my reputation. I also need to know Taku is taken care of when I decide to divorce his mother”.

“Decide? Aah, what to do you mean decide? she looked at him with her hands on her hips, “Lameck, urikuti?”. She walked towards him and as she was about to poke his head with her finger, Mai Mfundisi came through the kitchen door. Mfundisi looked at his wife and at Nyarai, he then pretended as if he had been telling Nyarai off.

“See these plate Nyarai, they are ceramic, not zenge which you are used to in the rural areas. Do you hear me?”, he said as he walked towards his wife to kiss her.

”Ah daddy, I have told her that before but I guess you can take the girl out of the rural areas but not the rural out of the girl”, she sneered and kissed her husband.                     

“How was your day my love”, Mfundisi asked as he escorted her to the dining room and winking at Nyarai who was in the kitchen behind him. They left the kitchen and Nyarai stood in the kitchen teeming with anger. She collected herself and began making the scalloped potatoes.

Iwe Nyarai”, Mfundisi shouted from the dining room, “make my wife a cup of tea and no sugar please, she is sweet enough”. She heard them laugh from the kitchen.

Ehoi Mfundisi”, Nyarai responded. She put the kettle on and prepared the tea for Mai Mfundisi. As she was at the door about to enter the dining room with the cup of tea, Nyarai spat in the tea. She smiled and said to herself, “All this will be mine soon”.Taking the tea to Mai Mfundisi.

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