Getting to know me

I took this picture on the very first time I decided to take myself out.I went to a movie and walked around Oxford City.To be honest I did not really enjoy the “date” because I kept thinking about how people where looking at me walking alone and how I probably looked lonely.To be very honest,it was all in my head.People were busy minding their own business and busy with their own lives.I was alone yes,but I was not lonely.

I decided to try again,”take myself out”.I did not go with the mentality of worrying about people around me or what people would say if I told them I have “day dates” with myself.I took/take myself out because I realised I deserve it,I deserve the nice things in life and if I can afford it,WHY NOT?I began to feel more comfortable with it and it helped me to get to know myself.I began to discover things about myself I never dreamt of or even thought of.Yes,I know some people pity me and think its a cry for help.TRUST ME,it is not.I enjoy day dates,I make sure I go out once a month where its just me and Jesus.LOL writing it down and saying it to people freaks them out more but it helped me get comfortable with myself.

I enjoy getting to know me and i have realised,i am actually a fun person with very expensive taste.I would recommend it for anyone who is trying to know themselves.I realised that if I learn to love myself unconditionally,I will be able to love others likewise as well.

So here is to more day dates and loving people unconditionally..

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