Friends and Support

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A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity”~Proverbs 17 v 17

Friendship is one of the most underestimated relationships. In this era of “cutting off” people and being “your own day one”, it has become quite hard to really have true friends. As we grow up and mature, we end up having different ideologies and beliefs. We all become different people and that is alright. I have friends I have drifted from, not because we fought but that is part of life. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever but make sure you learn something from every single person who crosses your path.

As I began the self-love journey, there was a period where I was at crossroads whether I should let go of my old friends because we now had different mentalities and rarely communicated. My mind was set to just start afresh and get new friends because at times I would text them or write letters but they would make little effort to do the same. I would tell them that it was not fair, I would lash out sometimes and ignore the group chat messages.

I tried so much to let go of them but I could not, so I started praying for them. I began to communicate with them not so they could do the same but to check on them. I became intentional about my friendships, some of them did not reply or they were not interested and I was alright with it because my intentions were now different. I was not communicating or writing them letters so they could reply and I could feel good about myself. I did it because I was convicted to check up on them and talk to them even if it was only hie and bye.

It made it easier to understand that at times it was not because they did not want to talk to me or write back but we are adults now and we are busy individuals. With school, work, placements/internships, stress and all that life throws at us, it can be hard to keep up and keep in touch. With that mentality, it made it easier for me to liaise with them and to keep praying for their wellbeing. I began to truly love them, enjoy their opinions and agree to disagree. I began to make new friends who are just as amazing as my old friends. I began to see friendship as one of the most important relationships, even in courtship and marriage you have to be friends first.1 Corinthians 13 v 4 is what I base EVERY relationship in my life on~even with strangers.

So this Valentine’s Day I dedicate it to my friends and my future friends too who I can not wait to meet, love and learn from. We are all not perfect and never will be but if you can, try and be a friend to someone. As much as we think we are better off alone, we NEED friends, especially Godly friends. Friends who build, encourage and support you in different ways. Most of my friends are not very fond of reading and writing blogs but they support me the best they can even if its not their forte. I am very grateful for them and I know we might/will drift as time goes on BUT in this present moment I choose to embrace, love, support and encourage them the best I can.

I will post some YouTube videos which have helped me too. Hope they do the same.

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