My Legion

Fear always dominates,she always wants to be the centre of attention and in charge;

She is usually the one who makes the final decisions,together with her entourage doubt and pessimism;

She always invites low self-esteem,loneliness and anger to join the party,and they always show up;

Anger is the life of the party,she likes to reminisce and is on constant replay,the rejection,lonely valentines,the exes are her favourite stories;

She feeds off of them,and when anger feed,she tends to build walls-the NO LOVE ALLOWED wall;

She claims it is what’s best for me-unforgiveness is always a late comer but she is always followed by resentment,bitterness and hostility.

Even though I host the party,I am never really invited because I always bring hope;

Hope is always at the back of the room,always trying to blend with the wall,she is NEVER welcome;

Fear and anger say they will be keeping me safe,low self esteem and loneliness will keep me company;

Resentment,bitterness and hostility are always there to catch me.

How can I say no when they have never let me down?

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