Financial Literacy.

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As I am adulting through life just like everyone, I have come to realise that financial literacy is very important. Growing up with a “get money and spend” mentality and starting to learn about the “get money and save” mindset,I have learnt that we spend most of our lives going to school to acquire diplomas, degrees and masters- being taught how to make money but rarely advised on how to manage it.

Money is something that we like to have but never want to talk about. I personally never wanted to talk about money, how to save, buy assets and all that. My mentality was to make money and spend money. It was until l had a conversation with my friend last year about how it seems to be a cycle that we work for years only for us to not have anything of value or assets (not houses or cars) eg investments, bonds, trust funds etc- that will also help us in the future and our children. This is something that happens in most families, parents work hard and teach their kids to work hard (get a job and work hard- overtime, extra shifts) but they do not teach them to work smart too (save, buy assets, learn on how to manage money etc). We end up being in a rat race where we live on paycheck to paycheck. The sad part is, most people do not realise that in the long run, the money they make will not last them long if they do not save or make it grow.

Most people especially women shy away from this subject because society has made us believe the man is supposed to handle the finances. Most of us have it engraved in our minds that the woman is there to be given not manage it or even make her own.

It was after this conversation that I began to think hard about how my little to non-financial literacy was aiding me in life. So because I did not know where to start, I decided to start small by saving for my children. I began to put aside as much as I could manage each week. It is not even a lot but the few coins I have left at the end of the week, I put them in my children’s savings account. I realised if I start saving for them now (before I have them or even think of them), by the time they get to 18-they will have something to start with. Slowly but surely, I have managed to fill 1 jar and will be getting another one soon. At times when I am broke, I eye that jar but then I remember why and who I am doing it for.

I also realised that even when/if I become a wife, it is also mandatory for me as a helpmate and as a human being to be financially literate. I have begun to read a couple of books about managing finances- and even though I have not yet gotten the hang of it, I am still learning.

As a Christian, I had mixed feeling about MONEY. I had to properly read and understand scripture and context. The verse does not say MONEY itself is evil-but the love of it. The things people end up doing for it- money on its own is not evil. WHICH IS WHY FINANCIAL LITERACY IS IMPORTANT.

1 Timothy 6 v 10: For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

Running after money and letting it manage you is dangerous, but being financially wise and seeking knowledge from God-it will not lead you to bankruptcy or poverty. Pick up a book on financial literacy and start from there-you do not need to be a graduate but if you are willing to learn and be led by God, you are on the right track.

These books have helped me-and at times I have to read a certain phrase, chapter or page twice, I believe will get the hang of it.

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  1. This is very true! It should actually be on the curriculum at school. I feel like we learn about financial literacy too late. Imagine learning this from a very young age, imagine the levels generations to come would soar up to.

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