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One of my worst fears is to be loved in seasons;

Love with an expiring date that can be discarded when out of season;

I want to be loved in years and decades;

Loved timelessly, in a world where time waits for no man;

Love me in summer-when my melanin glows and shows the majesty of my ancestors who were baked to a chocolate hue under the African sun;

Love me in winter- when my spirit is too cold to open the doors of my heart;

Love me in autumn-when my soul hopes for a new beginning, shedding away all the pain, hurt and mistrust;

Darling, love me in spring-when my spirit becomes calloused with my past mistakes and looks forward to butterflies that invade my heart and stomach when I see you;

Love me to wrinkles;

Love me senseless;

Love me shamelessly;

Love me in all the seasons.

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