Basic Girl

For 3 months now,Nyarai had been standing in front of mirrors every morning.She would turn around from side to side and imagine if there was another way of covering her protruding stomach.She had been tying it since Thursday last week but it was now painful and uncomfortable.She did that now in front of the wardrobe mirror as she took her zambia.

Taku was sitting in the dining when she came out,he was Mai Mfundisi’s 15 year old son.He had his father’s big,bright eyes and bushy eyebrows.

“Sisi Nyarai I am hungry,make me something to eat.Mama said you should be done cooking by 7 o clock as there is a prayer meeting tonight.Don’t forget to polish my shoes and pack my bag,tomorrow I am being made a prefect.I want to be presentable.”,he said as he dropped his bag on the marble dining table and went to his room.       …

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