From the year of “at least you tried” to the year of “i am remaining expectant even if..”.



For my closing post for this year, I thought I should share one of my resolutions for next year. Just like 89% of the world’s population, as the year draws to an end; I tend to reminisce and think of all my accomplishments and failures. I attempt creating and setting standards for myself; which I fail at most of the times. I know for some its quite cliche to make “resolutions” but for a person as the year draws to an end; I tend to reminisce and think of all my accomplishments and failures. I attempt creating and setting standards for myself; which I fail at most of the times. I know for some its quite cliche to make “resolutions” but for a person who makes appointments and meet-ups months I completely forgot all of them and misplaced the paper. For next year, I decided to set only four resolutions of which one I will share with you.

At the beginning of this year, I had set a target of reading fifty books and improving my vocabulary. I was very adamant on reading more books than I read in 2017 and boy did AMAZON make money with me this year? I bought so many books I am surprised I have quite an awesome collection. And if I am being honest,60% of my money goes towards books (and shoes come on, I am not an animal) which is why I RARELY share my books. I love the feel and smell of a book; the anticipation of a new character brought to life and the infinity excitement of learning new worlds. However, I realised it is not about quantity but quality; which is why I decide to only read twelve books next year. Which will be a challenge for me because I tend to read two books at the same time (a day book and a night book) but for the sake of discipline and actually knowing and understanding the content of the literature, I will stick to it.

2017 was around the time I dedicated myself to reading more and being intentional, I was still trying to find a genre I preferred and as you can judge from 2018; I think biographies are my favourite. I am intrigued by prominent figures and tracing their journeys helps to understand my own to an extent. And just to put it out there, my books for the year is Malcolm X: The Autobiography. I was and still am intrigued by his mind and his tenacity-even though I do not fully agree with him. Which gave me the chance to actually dissect his character and being; learning and unlearning certain things about myself; learning to think for myself and ask questions.

Anyway, my collection for next year is as follows (and I hope I will stick to the order) and please excuse my poor attempt at taking mind-blowing pictures, I lack the skill;

JANUARY: The Narrative Of Frederick Douglas


To ease my mind, I will start with a bit of light reading which requires research and deeper understanding. It was highly recommended around the time I was reading Barack Obama’s Dreams for my father.

FEBRUARY: The House Of Hunger


I realised I have only read (willingly and intentionally) two books by Zimbabwean authors; Nervous Conditions and Pashena. It only makes sense if I want to be a good writer to learn from those who walked so I could run. And I heard that this guy was super intelligent,so duh, of course, I am going to indulge myself.

MARCH:Frida Kahlo


I do not know why or how I am drawn to this amazing woman, but I am. She seems like she was fearless and vulnerable at the same time. I love how her art spoke in a way words could not express.

APRIL:Born To Love;Cursed To Feel


Because I love poetry/spoken word; though it does not love me back. I will and I shall read this book!

MAY:Year Of Yes


HELLO! ITS SHONDA RHIMES .Of course I am going to read it!

JUNE:Assata Shakur


FBI’s most wanted woman? Say no more!

JULY:M.K Gandhi


I was just told he was a great man,but have never known why.I think it is time he explains himself to me.I mean through the book,obviously.

AUGUST:Why I No Longer Talk To White People About Race


I will let you know “why” when I finish,but can’t wait.And do  not judge a book by its cover,LITERALLY.

SEPTEMBER:I Hope This Reaches Her I Time


More poetry/spoken word and R.H Sin is good.He is one of the few men I know who bares it all.

OCTOBER:Slay In Your Lane


The slay part I can not relate,but the “staying in my lane” part is something I aspire to accomplish.So,why not!?



Fell in love with his poetry and how he encourages woman;and advises men.I think it is time I read it fully.It is more of spoken work.

DECEMBER:One Day In December


I received this today as a Christmas present from my friend.She said she images this story portrays how she thinks I will fall in love.I have no idea what happens or how it made her think of me;but I will save it for last because it means a lot.

I hope I follow through and the main reason I cut down on my reading was so I can intentionally make time for Bible study.I have been slacking this year but now (with the help of the Holy Spirit) I pray to accomplish this “resolution”.And that I always remember it is about quality,not quantity.

And thank you very much for reading my blog,it means so much to me knowing someone actually cares about what I talk about.I am so ever grateful for you,yes you,you encourage me to keep going even when I feel or think only my family read my blog;after pestering them of course.Stay tuned because next year,I will be writing more stories with better grammar now (I am going to a Writer’s Circle now for criticism,yeeey!).

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year filled with hope and joy.Enter with the mentality that it will only get better and you matter.Lots of love and see you next year!Oh and yes,my mantra for 2018 was “at least you tried” and for 2019 it is,”i am remaining expectant even if..”,TRUE STORY!img_1378-1