5 Things On My Bucket List.

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Today is day 2 of #lockdownchallenge bloggers edition and here is my piece about the 5 things on my bucket list.

I recently got in the habit of writing a bucket list. I guess it was kind of a substitute for a new year’s resolution list. These are things I do not intend to do all in one go or in a year but throughout my life (which I pray is long.). I decided to write my list as a way of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I am a homebody and most times, I would rather be in the house, writing or reading. Its funny how the moment I chose to turn my life around is the year the world decided to go berserk.


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Living in Oxford has opened my eyes to the world of theatre and orchestras. They have ads, posters and magazine which talk about the fine art of music and the classics. I have always thought of myself as an old soul and being an avid reader, I have come to be curious about the likes of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I have been drawn to how they created such melodies way back then. So, this is at the top of my bucket list, to go to a symphony with someone/ by myself.


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Being a regular Ted Talk viewer, I have always admired the people who take the stage and share their stories. I have been inspired by the likes of Shonda Rhimes, Luvvie Ajayi, Dixon Chibanda and Chimamanda Adichie, to name a few. I would love to be in the audience first before I take the stage and tell my story within the given time.


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Like 90% of all humanity, I love travelling. Even though most times, the heart is willing but my pockets have a different story. I have always heard that the world is small and I would very much love to see how small it is. I am hoping after this pandemic, my green passport will allow me to access more places without restrictions.


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Due to my love of writing short stories, I have decided to write an anthology. Not yet sure if I will feature my old stories, but I will definitely publish new ones. I pray I will be able to do so this year.


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I have had this idea for a while now. It would probably be more about books and blogging but, it is something I see myself doing in the near future.

These are SOME of the things on my bucket list, I have others which include meeting Chimamanda Adichie and Michelle Obama; write a script for a TV show, bungee jump and watch Hamilton in theatre.

Till tomorrow, bye!

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