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Day 14 of the #lockdownchallenge and still going. Today’s topic is on gifts NOT to give to the opposite sex and before I even mention it, I am sure most already know what the number one NO NO: socks!

Most men have protested against socks, and if we are being honest (ladies), socks are just a safe bet because everyone needs them. Other gifts that were voted out were: ties, boxers, sex (yes, some complained that sex is not a gift and we should not always use it as a “present/gift”), deodorant and shower gel. I understand it can be quite hard to buy gifts for men because I have heard many complain that they are too pricy and there isn’t a variety. Well, in my opinion, I think you need to know the person quite well, what they like, hobbies, favourite music etc. I think knowing that and being a little bit creative goes a long way.

I wasn’t going to share this, but I have a Pinterest bought of things/surprises for my future husband. However seeing that we need to help each other, I guess I can always come up with new ideas.

P.S: This also applies to loved ones e.g family and friends.

So, what I have come to realise with gift-giving is, you do not necessarily have to gift someone on special occasions. I am a very corny person, so I believe in gifting small things randomly, for example:

Helps with a fresh breath and I guarantee it will bring a smile, even a chuckle.

Get it? Gummy bears? UnBEARable? No? Ok.

Now, moving on to the big stuff, please make sure you know your person because these might not be for everyone:

It does not need to be anything out of this world or something that will put a hole in your pocket. E.g, for taste it could be his favourite snack/ reservation to his favourite restaurant; sound could be headphones or his favourite music etc. Be creative about it in your own way.

As mentioned before, I am corny, so you choose if you find this helpful or not but tread lightly because SOCKS!

I have always loved the idea of celebrating the whole birthday month for my significant other. Each day, a different present! Again, it does not need to be something huge (maybe for the actual birthday), it could be a handwritten letter, a piece of candy, a head massage, anything that the recipient will like.

Now, this is not only for the recipient but for you too. I will tell you something (gentlemen), smelling nice makes you even more attractive. It is true, when you smell nice, man it drives us crazy. My favourite men’s Eau de parfum at the moment is the Sauvage Dior. It is a head-turner and it is a confident booster.

This is the endgame, something sentimental and from the heart. Something engraved always shows your heart.

Other gifts that would be great are:

• Shoes (trainers and sneakers)

• Shirts

• Wallets

• Coats

I hope this helps, and if not, I guess its back to the draft board.

Until tomorrow!

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