Lessons learnt..

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Today is day 21 and the last day of the challenge, and I must say, it has been a fun and thrilling experience. Who would have thought a virus would push me to engage with fellow bloggers and make friends.

It has not been easy as each and every single human being has been trying to cope and understand what is going on. COVID-19 has literally brought the world to a halt and it seems we are all vulnerable. There are a couple of things I have learnt over the course, some eye-opening and some, good enough to make it on the list.


Never in my life did I ever think I would live through a pandemic, let alone one which would literally stop the world. I guess that statement, ” Never think it would never be you”, became a reality because no one saw it coming (well, maybe some people but those are my own theories). The lockdown taught me that life is unpredictable and to always trust in God. I have learnt not to trust in my job, my savings or my hardworking. It is not by might but by His Spirit.


Being an introvert and shy is not always a good combination, especially if you are a content creator. I’m a ghost on most of the social platforms, I will be lurking and liking but rarely post. Well, that was until I met fellow bloggers who took time to interact. To be honest, there are other people who will not even respond to your DM’s (strictly business) or even comments, it can be quite disheartening but I am glad through this challenge, I met people who actually take time to interact.

I also learnt that it is good to reach out. I was that person who just though things to myself, wrote them down but never really made felt comfortable enough to promote it. I reached out to bloggers whose work I loved and learnt a lot. I am very grateful for every blogger who took time to chat, comment and critic my work.


Ok, I am still shocked that I blogged for 3 weeks straight. I was not always on time but I was consistent. I used to post once or twice a month and always struggled with short stories, but this challenge pushed me to my full potential. I understand with my work schedule it might be hard, but I am grateful that this experience helped me see how I can manage my time and make time for blogging every day. ok, maybe not every day but definitely more frequently.


COVID-19 has opened my eyes to the fact that every job is important. From the vendor, the cleaner, the CEO, we all contribute to society. This pandemic made me realise that the social structure is like the body of Christ, one can not function without the other. Of course, our different service are essential at all times, but there are times when other services/occupation are more crucial than others. I was actually talking to a friend of mine about how a few months ago, jobs like cleaning, support work, care assistant, delivering, were considered to be low skilled jobs and were not deemed to be important. I am sure those who were on the frontline about it have been humbled and now see how there is no job that is more important than the other.


Over the last couple of days/weeks, I have been feeling a bit off. I think I am subconsciously stressed and my body has not caught on. I have not been sleeping very well and I have not been reading. Which is how I know I am not ok. I have been trying to be productive, trying to finish my stories, read, watch new shows but nothing. I realised at times it is ok to feel my feelings. I do not have to be productive all the time. I do not have to feel like doing something all the time. It is ok to rest, to just be and be ok with it.

I am a person who always has everything planned to a T, my off days are not really off days because there is always something to do. However, I am going to take advantage of this period and just rest and that is OK.


I think as a content creator, it is very crucial you learn this early. Not everyone will like your work and that is ok. It not always because it is bad, but at times it is because it is not that person’s cup of tea. We all do not like the same things and I think that can also be a learning curve because you can borrow ideas and take/leave the criticism but there is always room for growth. At times it is because the work is bad. I have a couple of pieces that I cringe at when I read them, but I leave them up so I get to witness my growth.

These are some of the things I have learnt through this challenge and I am forever grateful for all who took time to read, comment, follow and like.


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