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Day 2 of the challenge and the topic is probably the most important question you can ask a blogger: What is the main goal of your site?

Personally, this question is a bit loaded. At first, I thought I was writing for fun, wanting to explore my creative side and share my knowledge. However, as time went on and I began to see a trend in my posts and inspirations- I realised I write for, with and about different people from diverse walks of life.

1. ABOUT..

(From top left: The last kings of Zimbabwe, Prince Nguboyenja, Prince Mpezeni, Prince Njube; Queen Lozikeyi; Edmund Albius; Toni Morrison; Fatima Bint Muhammad Al-Fihriya Al-Qurashiya and Tererai Trent)

My site has 4 categories: Short stories, Poetry/Spoken Word, Reality Check and Inspire Me pages. At first, thought a site/content was only supposed to have one theme but that was actually a restriction for me. It disabled me to explore other topics that spoke and moved me. I write about the people who have paved the way for black and African people. The names you may never have heard of or which are easily forgotten because they are not talked about enough.

The Africans, black people and slaves who made a difference in the world, making it better and encouraging us to understand we matter and are more than the colour of our skin.

2. FOR..

I write for those who are lost, trying to find their way out of different circumstances because I am in the same boat as them. For the heartbroken, those who are hopeless, the depressed, the oppressed and the rebels. I write to give the voiceless a voice and to give them their flowers whilst we still have time.

I especially write for my black brothers and sisters. The ones that feel they are not good enough or creative enough, for the ones that are afraid to start and petrified of failing. I write so you can write too. So you see my resilience and my flaws but I persevere. I write for you so you walk with me through this journey, and you speak for those who are voiceless.


I write with and amongst those who have inspired me. Those who I look up to and give flowers to on my blog. Those who have paved the way for me as a blogger and amplified my voice by sharing, commenting and liking my posts. I am grateful for these people because they have helped my site flourish. They are part of the reason why I keep keeping on.

I hope this helps understand my journey and it will set the pace for what God has planned for me.

Until tomorrow!

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