Becoming Rudo..

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Today is day 4 of the Winter Afroblogger 2020, and the topic is Becoming. My journey of who I was, who I am and who I will be, is one rollercoaster ride that excites and terrifies me at the same time. I have learnt, I am unlearning and I will evolve into the person I hope for and who God has called me to be.

My name is Rudo Diana Mazvita Manyere and I was born on the 4th of April. I am the second of 5. I love reading (did not always love it) but it was after I moved to England and I would stay home with nothing much to do. I realised I enjoyed the anticipation of what was on the next page and how I imagined the conclusion to be.

I began writing in High School, but it was never something I thought big of. I wrote for my friends and I loved the feedback they gave me. I stopped writing because of exams and not really being interested in it, but I pursued it again in 2016 when I started my blog.

The journey has not been easy, where I thought I would be now is not where I ever imagined but it is where I am supposed to be. I would say, I am on a learning curve (pruning season) and it has been excruciating. I am learning that no matter how good I am, I will never be perfect. That is a good thing because it shows my humanity and the awesomeness of God and His uniqueness.

My writing journey has been inspired my thirst of African literature. If you have read my book reviews, I have only been reading African literature for the past 2-3 years. It has helped me to be more descriptive and critical of my work because African literature has that touch and warmth that is welcoming and makes you feel at home. I thrive to write more, even though it has been hard due to work, the pandemic and other things that life throws at me. I am learning to take care of my mental health, finding for a way that works for me.

During this pandemic, I am grateful my body has been working to keep me alive, so being physically sexy has not been on my to-do list. In other words, my clothes are a bit snugger and I breathe a bit harder after a couple of flights of stairs. I am hoping to take a lesser painful workout routine (I hate cardio) and I have been looking at workouts that are good for the core. I found one which was a bit interesting and yet, very effective- pole dancing. I know it is not really a traditional workout routine but I am open to it. It is not exclusively for private dancers ( I have checked, thoroughly) but I was inspired after I watched Serena William’s documentary and how she said she uses it for her core. Who am I to argue with the G.O.A.T?

If you ask me, right at this moment if I like my life, I would probably tell you, no, but I am grateful. I am grateful for another day, the roof on my head, my job and my family. The future looks bleak but I am hopeful God will show up, He always does, and as I am hoping, I am also becoming a better version of myself.


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