Class In Session, courtesy of Social Media.

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I know I am late, but as always I show up. Today is day 6 of the Winter Afrobloggers Challenge and it is about what social media has taught me. What I have learned might have had a negative effect on others but the reverse can be true, considering how you engage and take things.

1. Engagement is important.

As a blogger/content creator, I am glad my initial engagement with fellow bloggers on Twitter was pleasant. I was welcomed by the blogging communities from different parts of the world. I spent 3 years of my blogging life hesitant about how people were going to react or if anyone would respond when I reached out. I learnt that for people to read your work, you also have to return the favour. You also have to read, like and comment, not because you only want people to return the favour, but you also learn a lot from other people’s content.

2. Not Everyone Is Going To Like You.

A hard pill to swallow, but it’s true. It does not matter how good or attractive you are, you are cringe to someone. Your “friends” on social media are not always your friends. There are friendships that have been born on social media and others have evolved into something permanent, however, it is not always the case.

Be cordial, but also be discerning when interacting with people on social media. Some just want to see what you are up to; others just want to stay close and be “relevant”. They might like your pictures but …

3. Social Media Can Be More Informative Than School.

Yes, if I am being honest, I have learnt a whole lot on social media about life than in school. It is amazing how I learnt a lot of basic things on social media. Mostly on Twitter, forgive me but I find Facebook and Whatsapp to be a bit biased, with our African mothers and aunties chain messages about how COVID-19 does not kill black people. I have learnt more about African history (pre and post colonisation) from social media. Just yesterday, I learnt more about Churchill, Gandhi and how the slave trade in the UK is never discussed.

4. Watch what you post..

Please, do not be a person who goes by the trend. What you post will haunt you! I always believe in the saying, the truth will ALWAYS come out. If you frequent Twitter, you are probably familiar with the This you? a phrase that has damaged a lot of people’s reputation. People will dig your post from 2013 and they will be used against you.

I have learnt to be sensitive of others but whilst speaking my truth. During this pandemic, a lot of people have lost jobs, friends and family due to how they act and what they say. This is why it is important to not have Twitter fingers but to pull yourself back, analyse and see if it is worth your time and engagement.


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