5 Zimbabwean Bloggers.

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Day 7 and today is about 5 bloggers from my country. I was not aware that there are a lot of Zimbabwean bloggers and although we come from the same country, our different backgrounds and experiences help us to learn from each other.

Gamu Manyere – Simply Gyg

I love her smoothie blog ( here) and also her lifestyle blog. She writes for the introverts who like their space and enjoys their own company. She is a balance of physical wellness and also mental health awareness. Be sure to check out her blog.

Hey Anci- Hey Anci

I envy her consistency, she always has informative posts and I like how she interacts with other bloggers. She is also supportive of other bloggers and has a bright future ahead. Make sure to check her posts.

Becoming Ubu- Becoming Ubu

She is my close friend in my head. I love love her posts, I have learnt A LOT about relationships, sex and confidence from her posts. I love her energy, how she is ever smiling on her pictures and during her IG lives. Be sure to check her out, you will not regret it.

Farainashe- TribeAfrika263

I became aware of Nashe when I took over the Afrobloggers account. He writes about depression in men, relationships and toxic masculinity. He talks everything real and he writes in a way that is engaging and fun. Be sure to read his posts, you won’t be disappointed.

Makaita – Makaitahrogue

I fell in love with The Dark Mistress series. She has a way of writing that keeps you wanting more, and I enjoy how it is not predictable at all. I am glad I got to know her as I get to learn how to write short stories and keep evolving. She is not aware of who I am, but I am on the sidelines rooting for her. Be sure to visit her blog.

Though I was limited to only 5, there are a lot of Zimbabwean bloggers that I appreciate. I am sorry if I have forgotten others as I am quite behind with my submissions.

1. Patie Tynoe- Patietynoe

2. Ms Tannie- Passionvictimzw

3. GG- Moretogetty

4. Beaton- Becomingthemuse

5. Madaz Vacho (Twitter handle) – Munhukadzi


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