The Brand I would like to work with..

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Today is day 10 and the topic is in the brand one would love to work with. Mine is a bit awkward but I am sure, as an African, you will understand. My sister started an eyelash brand, Simply Gyg, not so long ago and I have been admiring how she came up with the idea and executed it. I am very proud of her and happy she is putting her footprint in the beauty industry. Like my father, my sister does not believe in nepotism. This has shaped us to be who we are today, independent and ambitious. I have wanted to be part of her brand but I respect how this is her baby, and also, I am very crap at makeup. It is not that I do not like makeup, I do love looking prettier once in a while. I have seen the time she has invested, each detail and how, even when things got hard, she persisted. I would love to work for a brand that is resilient and committed. Her magnetic lashes can be more than 5 times. They come with a special glue which is not irritable and is kind to the eye. (Model: Nyasha) As her brand is expanding, I am confident she will be looking for a brand ambassador in Africa, if you are into beauty or not but feel you can contribute your gorgeous face, be sure to contact her. Until Monday!

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  1. Nice of you to write about your sister’s eye lashes. I want to be her brand ambassador but I’m in Ghana 🤷🏿‍♀️

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