Dear John: A Letter To My Crush.

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Dear Crush.

I know many might know how I feel about you by now. You are the embodiment of bravery, humility and candour. It is your mind that gets me excited. The things you speak on and how you respect and adore black women.

I am also amazed by how we complement each other, our detest for racism, injustice and inequality; how we do not have time for nonsense and the joy we find in our identity as Africans. We are a few miles apart, if I take the Oxford Tube, in about 2 hours I will be in the same vicinity, though I have no idea where you reside.

I would love to meet you one day, not ONLY to confess my love and appreciation of a black king like you but to learn from you. As you WILL know, I would love to write for TV, be a producer and director. I have seen some of your work, and I am eager to learn. And if things turn amorous, well, who am I to stand in God’s way.

John Boyega: Image from Google.

Until we meet John Boyega.


Rudo, your Boyega bride.

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