Dear John: A letter to his friends.

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Dear Friends…

It’s funny now how we laughed together, how you would acknowledge me as his girlfriend but you knew he had someone else. If I am being honest, this is the first time I have thought of your part in this. In him deceiving me and faking it for as long as you did.

I understand/try to understand that you guys respected “bro code”, but did it ever occur to you that you were an accessory to the death of my spirit. I thank God for resurrecting it again, replenishing and rejuvenating it, slowly but surely. It was not easy, and at times I still caught myself relieving that betrayal in my current relationships.

They say what does not kill you makes you stronger, but I think what doesn’t kill you paralyses you. I see it in the way I am not quick to trust. A bit sceptical if I can trust the friends of my partner or if they will fake it like you. If they will protect him if he is to do something heinous (God forbid).

So now when I pray for my future husband, I pray he has Godly friends, friends who will also be my brothers, friends that will stand with him in times of trouble.



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