Hi, my name is Rudo and here are 26 things you might want to know about me!

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Hi! So as someone who is always committed and hates breaking promises (especially to myself), I thought I should write my monthly blog and tell you guys a bit more about myself.

I turned 26 ( I am still a teenager in my head) and thought to share 26 things about myself.

I am quite boring, so these might be your everyday things but nonetheless, welcome to my life, as a basic girl.

1. I love pasta.

Pasta might be the death of me! I love it in every shape, form or size. Spaghetti, penne, fusilli, macaroni, campanelle, tagliolini. I can even have it plain, hot, cold, big portion or bigger portion. It is one of my main weaknesses.

2. I am a born leader.

From a very young age, I have always found myself in leadership positions. It might seem like a minor but as I am growing, I am noticing this ability is intensifying and I love that for me.

3. I can not whistle.

I used to be able to whistle but one day I tried and realised I can no longer whistle. It seems like a minor, but I want to at least have the choice to whistle or not.

4. I am not a fan of cooking.

Ah yes, I know I have fallen short in the eyes of many aunties and men, but yes, I just do not enjoy cooking. I pray I get married to a man who loves cooking though, I will clean as he cooks.

5. I love dogs.

My future child.

I have always known a dog will be my first “child” from a very young age, and I will even risk being a single mother for one. I have always dreamt of my future husband proposing with a puppy. Who knows?

6. I started reading Afrolit in 2016.

I was never actually a reader before, but I went through a phase where I had an identity crisis. I could only escape and find myself through books. So, I read and wrote and found myself. Funny, huh?

My first introduction to Afrolit and Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie in 2016.

7. I love love!

I love it, believe in it and will have it. I have no doubt the kind of soft love I deserve is going to find me and I am super excited.

8. I do not have a sweet tooth.

Most of my weight gain is due to carbs (pasta mainly). I am not a fan of chocolate or sweet things. I can go months without. I am not that much into fizzy drinks. A sip of coca-cola will give me a sugar rush.

9. I love sunflowers.

I am highly allergic to pollen so I am very conscious and careful when it comes to flowers. Thank God sunflower have little to no pollen, and so do roses. I almost died after shooting the book review for Homegoing. The flowers affected me, my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe.

I almost met my Maker on this day.

10. I have a “mild” lisp.

If you listen closely to my videos or when I am talking, you can pick it. My sister is the one who noticed on one of my videos.

11. I am a Christian.

My faith is very important to me. I struggled with my relationship with God for a while (and do sometimes) but each day I learn who I am to Him and what He says about me. It’s a journey.

Baptism 2019.

12. I am a shoe size 6.

Apparently, a lot of us are this size because I always struggle finding nice shoes when it comes to my size.

13. I love sleep but it does not love me back.

I struggle with sleeping. Especially the last couple of weeks have been hard. I sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 3 am and that’s it. It might sound absurd to most people but I believe it’s God waking me up to work towards my purpose. And that I will do.

14. I love Issa Rae!

Issa Rae.

Issa Rae is who I have been wanting to be, becoming and will be! Not her like identity theft, but charisma, authenticity and focus. I really admire how far she has come with Awkward Black Girl to Insecure. She is my role model when it comes to my dream!

15. I have never had Weetabix.

I have no idea what it taste like but from how it looks, I do not think I will like it.

16. I am allergic to seafood but I love mussels.

Listen, they might be the death of me but I will die knowing my taste buds have known joy.

I mean, look at them.🤤

17. Sometimes I do not feel like reading.

This happens more than I would like to admit. I have moments when nothing makes sense and I just can not concentrate. I am trying to get out of that space now but it happens, A LOT.

18. I love The Office (USA)

I have watched The Office so many times I have lost count. It’s my go-to escape when I am feeling depressed or when I do not have anything else to watch. I like how each character holds the show in their own way, and yes, Jim and Pam’s love story is cute.

19. I love animation, especially Shrek.

The execution, the characters, the delivery!! It’s by far the best animation, and yes, I watch it after I watch a scary movie.

20. I hate horror movies.

I do not enjoy getting scared for fun.

21. I love going out on dates.

I am so looking forward to summer and finally being “allowed” to meet up and go out.

22. I am a dreamer and a doer.

I dream big and my dreams overwhelm me. They seem so unattainable. They scare me and at times I laugh at myself because, how dare I? But I know soon I will be laughing and thinking, I did that.

(P.S: I hate starting sentences with but, however, it was flowing so.)

23. My favourite colour is olive green.

Was planning on wearing this out on my 25th, but then COVID.

24. I hate shorthand.

This is one of my pet peeves. I will respectfully blue tick you and go on with my life. I am already having trouble sorting my life out, I do not have the time to decipher your acronyms.

25. I know very basic Spanish and Romanian.

Took Spanish classes for a year and was going to intermediate class when COVID struck. Now I barely know how to ask about the weather. I have quite a few Romanians friends who teach me, you never know when it will come in handy.

26. I want to make a docuseries.

I have an amazing idea for a docuseries. I just need to get my stuff together and do it! Super excited about it.

So these are the things I could think about! If you found me interesting or not, please, be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I talk about African Literature. I am more “lively” there than I am on my blog.

Link to channel: Here


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