Exes and Lessons.

Part i of the collaboration with Bolaji Gelax is here. Rudo Diana Mazvita Manyere. I have always been a hopeless romantic and to be honest, I pray I remain one. I enjoy all the euphoria of getting to know someone, the butterflies that flutter with every ping from my phone that threaten the corner of …

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On Exes and Bygones.

Image from Pinterest. My first collaboration of the year with the amazing, talented and beautiful Bolaji Gelax! She is also a Nigerian actor, blogger, TV host who enjoys playing devil’s advocate on her blog. Bolaji Gelax I have always been ashamed of the number of exes I have had. In my almost three decades, I …

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My Inamorato.

Image from Pinterest. Hey love.. If I am being honest, I have not thought about you in a while and this is not to say that you are not important, but you are not my MAIN priority at the moment. I am working to be able to contribute to the lifestyle I want us to …

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